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Style and Beauty.  Function and Protection

Our beautiful custom installed covers provide all weather
protection for your home or business.  Our covers
are not only structurally superior, but they are also
visually appealing with many style options to
enhance your home's appearance.

*Insulated LRP Cover  
*Insulated Solid Pergola
*Solid Cover  
*Open Cover (Pergola)
*Commercial Covers & Walkways
*Free-Standing or Attached

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Transform Your Ordinary Patio or Deck in an Inviting Outdoor Retreat
Insulated LRP Cover
Patented Insulated Interlocking Roof System

Our Insulated LRP is a Laminated Roof Panel that is Constructed from a EPS
(Expanded Polystyrene)Foam core.  This Insulated Structural Roof Panel is the
Highest Quality Patio Cover Available.

Strong, Structural, Lightweight Aluminum Extrusions that can be walked on
Engineered to Meet or Exceed All Uniform Building Codes.

Protection from the Sun, Rain and Outdoor Heat
Great Insulating R-Value, Blocks Radiant Heat and UV Rays.
Reflects Solar Heat and Reduces Condensation
Energy Star Certified
Integrated UL Approved Electrical Raceways are available to add
a Light and/or Ceiling Fan
Highest Quality Aluminum Available for Maintenance-Free Protection
Will Not Warp, Harbor Insects and will Never Need Painting
Reduces sound

Can Add Wood-Grain Embossed Aluminum Trim for a Covered Pergola
Many Post and Columns Options
Engineered to require Less Slope than Conventional Roofs,
Giving More Ceiling Height
Built-In Gutter System
Stucco Embossed Aluminum Ceiling
The Best Transferable Warranty in the Industry
Can be Enclosed at a Later Date for a Sunroom or Screen Room
Custom Built to fit your home
This Insulated Cover in Fayetteville has Pergola Trim and 3 panels with
Electric Raceways to give them amble breeze and light
This Insulated Cover allows the homeowner to enjoy their backyard in
comfort. Located in Bethel Heights, it is a  4" Insulated Roof System and
has a Wood-Grain  Embossed Beam and Pergola Posts.
This homeowner enjoys their Insulated Cover.  Shown with the Standard
Posts and
Built-In Gutter System.   
This Insulated Cover with Pergola Trim provide this Fayetteville home
Comfort and Style. Wood-Grain Embossed Beams and Rafter Stick-Outs
Compliment the home's design.


Enhance your home by
adding Wood-Grain
Embossed Pergola Trim
to any solid cover.

Trim & Color Options

Insulated Cover Showing Pergola Trim with  Mitered Ends
White Color Trim

Insulated Cover Showing Scalloped Ends on Pergola Trim.
Sandstone Color Trim

This Insulated Cover matches the Unique Design of the existing patio slab.

Another custom designed Insulated Cover that matches the form of the existing patio.

This insulated Cover was designed to match the deck shape.
It has a White Pergola Beam and Sandstone Pergola Posts.

Curved Insulated Cover with Pergola Posts and Beams

Free-Standing Insulated Cover with Pergola Trim in Fayetteville

Insulated Solid
and Open Pergola

Do you want Protection
from the Rain with
a Solid Cover


Shade and Ambience
from a Lattice

Then our Combination
Cover would be perfect
for you.
Adding an Insulated Cover wtih Pergola Trim to this home's front patio provides
the homeowner with all weather protection to enjoy the outdoors
This Free-Standing Cover has the Pergola look with Wood-Grain
Embossed Beams and Rafter Stick-Outs and Round Fluted Columns
This Free-Standing Pavilion provides comfort and protection from
the weather with it's Insulated Roof System and Pergola Trim

Gable Insulated Roof System that was Shingled to match the home.
Relaxing or Entertaining
This Free-Standing Pavilion provides space for all friends and family
This Pavilion is the perfect choice to provide a shady retreat by the pool.
The Insulated Roof System has a great R-Value,
Blocks Radiant Heat and UV Rays

Solid Cover

The French word in which
Pavilion is from has
two meanings:

1.) Free-Standing Structure
2.) A Object of Pleasure

Our Free-Standing Pavilion
Covers are just that,  a
pleasureful place to relax
or entertain family and
while enjoying the
in comfort.
Gable, Insulated Roof System with Shingles

Your Home's

Custom Designed
Size & Style
To Compliment your
Home and
Transform an Ordinary
Patio into your Own
Inviting Retreat.

Adding 2 Insulated Covers with Pergola Trim and a Gable Insulated Cover to this home
Compliments the existing roof line

We matched the roof line of this home by adding a Insulated Cover with Pergola Trim and
an Insulated Gable Roof with Shingles

Shown are 2 separate structures. A Insulated Cover and a Pergola
This is 1 structure, Half Insulated Cover and Half Pergola Lattice.
Shown is the underneath view of a Pergola and Insulated Cover Combination
This Bentonville homeowner enjoyed outdoor living under their cover so much that
they extended their area by added a Pergola the following year.
Adding a Insulated Cover to an entry provides protection for the door as well as anyone entering the home.
We added an Insulated Cover with Sky Lights to this home
to allow light to flow through the top windows and to
compliment the home's unique design

Insulated Solid

Get the Look of a Pergola
with the Comfort and
Protection of our solid
Insulated Roof System!

Add Wood-Grain Embossed
Aluminum Pergola Beams &
Rafters to our Insulated
Roof  System for a Beautiful,
Comfortable, Maintenance-Free
Outdoor Living Area that will
transform your deck or patio  into
your to your personal retreat.

*Increase your Home's Value

*Improve your Home's

*Expand your Home's Living

*Enhance Your Lifestyle

Enjoy ALL of your
property with an
Outdoor Living Area
Outdoor Curtains add style and privacy to this
Insulated Cover with Pergola Trim
The UL Approved Integrated Electrical Raceway
allows a ceiling fan or light to be added .
It's like another room on your house,
only better because it's outside!

Insulated Covers
*Insulated EPS Core
*Strong, Lightweight
Structural Aluminum
*Aluminum Beams & Posts
*Can Be Walked On
*Stucco Embossed
Aluminum Ceiling
*Engineered to require less
slope for higher ceilings
*Built-In Gutter System
*Industries Best Warranty

*Great Insulating R-Value
*Block Radiant Heat
and UV Rays
*Reflects Solar Heat
*Reduces Condensation
*Energy Star Certified
*Reduces Sound


*Can be Enclosed at a
Later Date for a Sunroom
or Screen Room.

Won't Warp
Won't Rot
Won't Crack
Won't Need Painting
Won't Harbor Insects
Pool Cabana in

Flat Pan
Patio & Carpot

Our Flat Pan Covers
provide solid shade and
protection from the rain
and harmful UV rays.

Offering Strength and up
to 25% longer Spans
Eliminating the need for a
mid-span support beam

This Steel Cover has
a patented coating
process  for protection.
Utilizing the combination
of the barrier corrosion
protection of aluminum
with the galvalumic
protection of Zinc.

Has a tough
silicone-polyester finish
making it virtually

Protect Your Investment

Free-Standing Or Attached

20 Year Warranty
No inconvenient middle posts for double carports
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Backyard Designs offers many cover choices to suit your style and budget.
Call us today to discuss your design possibilities.
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